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  • Episode 6141

    Kyle returns from the city, and Phoebe is overjoyed to have him back.

  • Episode 6142

    Hannah tries to reignite the intimacy in her relationship with Andy but he rejects her advances.

  • Episode 6143

    Hannah calls it quits with Andy.

  • Episode 6144

    Spencer makes an effort to reconnect with Matt and Maddy.

  • Episode 6145

    Brax changes his plea, determined to beat the charges.

  • Episode 6146

    Brax’s lawyer hopes to they can beat his charge by discrediting Sam as a witness – will it work?

  • Episode 3891

    Summer Bay is in turmoil as the plane crash tragedy unfolds.

  • Episode 3845

    Alf worries that he's left it too late to say goodbye to Viv.

  • Episode 3844

    Alf's mind is on his true love as Dani and Scott pay Viv a visit in hospital.

  • Episode 3445

    Alf has a harrowing premonition concerning the future as he teeters on the edge of the afterlife.

  • Episode 3422

    Don struggles to make a decision about Alf's future.

  • Episode 3421

    The residents of the Bay wonder whether or not Alf has gone completely mad.

  • Episode 4576

    As she hovers between life and death, Sally has an otherworldly experience that reunites her with Tom.

  • Episode 4057

    Josh manipulates Amanda into doing his dirty work.

  • Episode 4056

    Scott and Hayley try to ignore their growing feelings for each other, and Josh tightens his grip on Amanda to further his plan.

  • Episode 4055

    An old enemy returns to the Bay, and Amanda comes between Leah and Dan.

  • Episode 3720

    Noah plans a surprise for Hayley, and Duncan ensures there will be fireworks at the party.

  • Episode 3719

    Tragedy strikes Flynn and Sally, and Duncan causes a stir when he returns to Summer Bay.

  • Episode 3343

    Noah has a run-in with Jesse, and Leah is concerned for the safety of her family.

  • Episode 3342

    The Bay is shocked by Jesse's return, and Kelli receives an upsetting phone call.

  • Episode 3127

    Fisher finally closes the door on his relationship with Marilyn.

  • Episode 3126

    Fisher spots Marilyn at the London book launch and chases after her.