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  • Episode 6322

    Charlotte puts an end to Trystan's campaign of fear.

  • Episode 6323

    Kat sets out to prove Charlotte's guilt.

  • Episode 6324

    Oscar confronts Maddy about keeping Matt's secret.

  • Episode 6325

    A specialist visits Josh and reveals a shock diagnosis.

  • Episode 6326

    Ricky loses her cool when she sees Gavin's true colours.

  • Episode 5360

    Miles seeks advice from Alf and Elijah.

  • Episode 5359

    Knowing that his pills are in the Braxtons’ possession, Jake takes his own collateral.

  • Episode 5358

    Romeo begins to regret his decision to declare war on Harvey.

  • Episode 5357

    Liam hunts down Bianca's attacker, and Kelly makes a damning statement against her brother.

  • Episode 5356

    Alf hits on a plan to mend Marilyn and Roo's relationship.

  • Episode 5355

    Bianca agrees to start talking about her attack.

  • Episode 5354

    Bianca takes her stress out on Liam, who is having trouble getting his own life back on track.

  • Episode 5353

    Indi makes an important discovery in the wake of the ill-fated cruise.

  • Episode 5352

    Charlie is reeling from her discovery.

  • Episode 5351

    Tegan arrives at Brax's motel looking for help.

  • Episode 5349

    Roo is pushed to her limit when Sid reschedules their date.

  • Episode 5348

    Roo confronts Alf over his disapproval of Sid.

  • Episode 5347

    Charlie tries to convince Liam to testify against Heath, but Mick has other ideas.

  • Episode 5346

    Charlie arrests Heath on drugs charges, and Brax verbally attacks her in front of her colleagues.

  • Episode 5345

    Heath and the gang end up in a tense stand-off with their rivals and the police.

  • Episode 5344

    Liam and Bianca finally talk things through, and he reveals that Heath was his dealer.

  • Episode 5343

    Alf invites both Roo and Marilyn to a lunch celebrating his return to the Bay.

  • Episode 5342

    Gina agrees to let Kelly stay with the family, and Xavier and Dex move closer to a reconciliation.

  • Episode 5341

    Alf returns to a distraught Summer Bay.

  • Episode 4001

    Alf struggles to comprehend the horror of the crash and its fatal consequences.

  • Episode 3894

    Dalby struggles in the wake of the revelation that he is related to Alf.

  • Episode 3893

    Lives hang in the balance following the plane tragedy, and Dalby makes a surprise reappearance.