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  • Episode 6231

    Chris is determined to clear Nate's name.

  • Episode 6232

    Chris entraps Billie by wearing a wire.

  • Episode 6233

    Kyle breaks up with Phoebe when he discovers her feelings for Ash.

  • Episode 6234

    Oscar and Evie move in with Zac and Leah to give Hannah some space.

  • Episode 6235

    Andy covers for Charlotte when Leah starts snooping.

  • Episode 5381

    Brax vows revenge against Hammer, and Bianca and Heath bond while caring for Darcy.

  • Episode 5380

    As Irene prepares to leave for the hospital, she is thrown by a surprise arrival.

  • Episode 5379

    Charlie is called out to attend a car accident, only to find that Tegan is the victim.

  • Episode 5378

    The choice of the school as an evacuation centre turns out to be disastrous when a roof collapse traps two of the locals.

  • Episode 5377: The One With Another Big Storm

    Romeo and Harvey find themselves in a life-threatening situation when a storm grips the Bay.

  • Episode 5376

    After telling Xavier to close the beach because a severe storm is approaching, John's injuries take their toll.

  • Episode 5375

    Having lost their battle over the mooring, Alf and Romeo take destructive action.

  • Episode 5374

    Sasha sets her sights on Romeo, and Xavier starts to rethink his decision to leave home.

  • Episode 5373

    Sid prepares to meet his long-lost daughter Sasha for the first time.

  • Episode 5372

    Heath finds his burnt-out mustang, imploring Brax to hit back at Jake’s gang.

  • Episode 5371

    Irene awaits the result of her biopsy, and Heath stirs trouble between Bianca and Liam.

  • Episode 5370

    Sid shuts Roo out from his problems, and Liam confronts Bianca's counsellor.

  • Episode 5369

    Indi and Romeo tell Sid they are going to move back in.

  • Episode 5368

    Sid finds himself on a downward spiral as his past affairs once again come back to haunt him.

  • Episode 5367

    After learning that Tegan has gone back to Jake, Heath ignores all better judgment and goes looking for Hammer's gang.

  • Episode 5366

    Heath's release from jail spells trouble for Brax and Charlie.

  • Episode 5365

    After Casey tries tells him the truth about Darcy, Brax confronts Tegan.

  • Episode 5364

    Casey discovers Tegan has been lying about Darcy's paternity.

  • Episode 5363

    Indi reaches a tentative truce with her mother.

  • Episode 5362

    Dex catches Sid comforting Jody, and Miles makes a life-changing decision.

  • Episode 5361

    Sid and Roo's romantic evening is interrupted by a surprise visitor.