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  • Episode 6294

    Everyone is still concerned about Marilyn.

  • Episode 6295

    Marilyn's memories of John come flooding back.

  • Episode 5403

    Gypsy's plans to patch things up with Mark go awry when Lily surprises him with a jaw-dropping revelation.

  • Episode 5402

    Charlie begins to suspect there's something going on between Brax and Hayley.

  • Episode 5401

    Casey discovers his fate after standing in court for the arson attack on Jake's.

  • Episode 5400

    Dex’s desire to get intimate with April is overshadowed by his concern for Sasha.

  • Episode 5399

    After Miles confronts her about her hospital check-up, Leah issues him an ultimatum.

  • Episode 5398

    Casey worries he's losing Ruby, Brax feels pushed aside by Charlie, and Heath is frustrated by Bianca's uncertainty.

  • Episode 5397

    Bianca lashes out at Gypsy and Liam after catching the pair in a compromising position.

  • Episode 5396

    Tension builds between Romeo and Harvey as they compete for the lucrative marina contract.

  • Episode 5395

    Harvey tells Alf that it's Romeo who is skipping chores, and Sid is left fuming after again catching Sasha with Stu and the River Boys.

  • Episode 5394

    Xavier takes a punch defending Sasha's honour after she falls in with the River Boys.

  • Episode 5393

    Brax persuades Casey to face up to his crimes, and Miles struggles to get through to Leah as she battles her grief.

  • Episode 5392

    With Charlie closer to making an arrest over the arson, Heath and Casey go on the run.

  • Episode 5391

    Liam becomes a source of tension between Bianca and Gypsy following his gig at Angelo's.

  • Episode 5390

    Anxious to talk over his feelings, Elijah finds Leah distraught as fate deals her and Miles a devastating blow.

  • Episode 5389

    After apologising for mixing up Roo's dates, Sasha is forced to reconsider her attitude towards Sid.

  • Episode 5388

    Heath is stunned to discover Casey as the culprit behind the fire at Jake's, but only adds to his brother's tension as the investigation gathers pace.

  • Episode 5387

    The police discover evidence linking Brax to the fire at Jake's.

  • Episode 5386

    Convinced that Brax lit the fire at Jake's place, Hammer gives him a deadly ultimatum.

  • Episode 5385

    Can Alf persuade Romeo to put aside his distrust and seal a deal?

  • Episode 5384

    Sid questions Sasha over the whereabouts of her little brother - but is she prepared to come clean?

  • Episode 5383

    As Bianca and Gypsy find common ground, Gina gets grim news about the future of Summer Bay High.

  • Episode 5382

    As Cheryl agrees to identify Charlie's attacker, Casey hatches a plan to protect Brax from Hammer.