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  • Episode 6323

    Kat sets out to prove Charlotte's guilt.

  • Episode 6324

    Oscar confronts Maddy about keeping Matt's secret.

  • Episode 6325

    A specialist visits Josh and reveals a shock diagnosis.

  • Episode 6326

    Ricky loses her cool when she sees Gavin's true colours.

  • Episode 5448

    Bianca makes a secrecy pact with Liam in a bid to cover her hen night slip-up - but will her plan pay off?

  • Episode 5447

    Bianca toasts the wrong man on her hen night, while tensions run high when Heath's gang gatecrashes Liam's stag do.

  • Episode 5446

    April fears the return of Heath's ex will jeopardise their relationship.

  • Episode 5445

    Xavier gets a puzzling response when he tells Sasha how he feels about her, and Dex reaches a decision about his future.

  • Episode 5444

    Unaware that Alan has just proposed a truce with Sid, Sasha tries to strike a similar deal with Stu.

  • Episode 5443

    As Ruby begins to doubt her feelings for Casey, Leah pours her energy into helping Brax through his loss.

  • Episode 5442

    Heath accepts a business deal that he thinks will save Angelo's, little realising that Geoffrey is tightening his grip on the restaurant.

  • Episode 5441

    As Sid, John and Alf set out to Irene's rescue, Heath finds himself faced with a tempting offer.

  • Episode 5440

    As word gets out about Heath's fling with April, Liam questions Bianca's jealousy.

  • Episode 5438

    Brax's emotions overwhelm him, and Casey is forced to reconsider his plans to join Ruby in the city.

  • Episode 5436

    With the consequences of Jake's attack becoming all too clear, Brax takes justice into his own hands.

  • Episode 5435

    As Brax, Casey, Charlie and Ruby prepare to pack up their lives, a face from the past returns with a score to settle.

  • Episode 5434

    Tempers and emotions are heightened at the school formal, leading to a night of misunderstandings, flare-ups and confessions.

  • Episode 5433

    As Miles stands firm on his decision for a fresh start, April jumps to the wrong conclusion about Dex and Dallas.

  • Episode 5432

    With Bianca convinced that Liam is unable to let go of his bachelor lifestyle, can he prove to her otherwise?

  • Episode 5431

    Miles's fears are realised when Elijah admits he has feelings for Leah, and Brax tries to convince Heath to make a fresh start.

  • Episode 5430

    Miles begins to question Elijah's behaviour, and Sasha is forced to confess her fears to Sid.

  • Episode 5429

    Sasha struggles to keep her distance from Stu, who once again lets his temper get the better of him.

  • Episode 5428

    As Romeo uncovers the truth about his sister, Mink makes Indi question her relationship.