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  • Episode 6323

    Kat sets out to prove Charlotte's guilt.

  • Episode 6324

    Oscar confronts Maddy about keeping Matt's secret.

  • Episode 6325

    A specialist visits Josh and reveals a shock diagnosis.

  • Episode 6326

    Ricky loses her cool when she sees Gavin's true colours.

  • Episode 5470

    After he patches things up with April, Heath begins to suspect that jilted Henri is playing games.

  • Episode 5469

    Tyler spills the beans to Brax about Casey's time in juvie, getting himself kicked out for his pains.

  • Episode 5468

    After a run-in with Tyler, Casey is given cause to worry that his juvie secret is no longer safe.

  • Episode 5467

    New evidence casts Sasha's story into doubt, and Ruby's meddling spells trouble for Romeo's relationship.

  • Episode 5466

    As the events surrounding Stu's death are revealed, Indi, Dex and Roo are left feeling remorseful.

  • Episode 5465

    As Xavier grows increasingly concerned for Sasha, Alan's suspicions of Sid spark a startling confession.

  • Episode 5464

    As the police step up their investigation into Stu's murder, the Walkers are shocked when a blood-stained t-shirt is found at the farm.

  • Episode 5463

    Ruby's plans to forgive and forget fall by the wayside when she finds Brax in the arms of another woman.

  • Episode 5462

    April's slipping grades force her to reconsider her relationship: is she in danger of sacrificing her HSC for Heath?

  • Episode 5461

    Tyler begins work at the caravan park, provoking Casey by making a move on Ruby.

  • Episode 5460

    The investigation into Stu’s murder intensifies, with Dex and Xavier both questioned by the police.

  • Episode 5459

    Bianca and Liam struggle to prevent their big news from spreading around the Bay.

  • Episode 5458

    Keen to make amends with Brax, Leah gets the ultimate shock when she shows up uninvited to the River Boys' party.

  • Episode 5457

    Anxious to be free of debt, Brax enters a cage fight against a notoriously brutal opponent.

  • Episode 5456

    With John's money troubles mounting, Casey pressures Tyler to do the right thing and return his stolen car.

  • Episode 5455

    After hitting the bottle in a bid to overcome her grief, Ruby drunkenly tries to seduce Dex.

  • Episode 5454

    Casey foresees trouble when Tyler, his friend from juvey, turns up and talks his way into a place to stay.

  • Episode 5453

    Aware of his promise to pay Leah back the money he owes her, Brax enters the cage-fighting scene.

  • Episode 5451

    Liam meets with disaster on the eve of his wedding, and Alf makes a grisly discovery in the caravan park.

  • Episode 5450

    As Harvey works to delay the development, Romeo begins to suspect John and Dennis of foul play.

  • Episode 5449

    Sid and Dex fall into conflict over careers, and it's crunch time for Alf as the election results loom.