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  • Episode 6297

    A threatening stranger tells Charlotte not to leave the Bay.

  • Episode 6298

    When Ricky finds out that Kyle is thinking about leaving Summer Bay she persuades him to stay.

  • Episode 6299

    Roo deals with the fallout of nearly marrying James without inviting Maddy and Alf.

  • Episode 6300

    Maddy's birthday party spirals out of control.

  • Episode 5491

    As John and Gina negotiate a fresh start, Leah's feelings for Brax leave Elijah feeling sidelined.

  • Episode 5490

    After finding out that VJ's bad behaviour is a result of a River Boys prank, Leah warns Brax to keep his distance.

  • Episode 5489

    Leah's hopes for a fresh start fall flat when VJ's bid to become a River Boy forces Brax back into her life.

  • Episode 5488

    As things heat up between Casey and Henri, could Heath pose a threat to his brother's happiness?

  • Episode 5487

    April's betrayal has further repercussions for Bianca when Liam realises that Heath knows the truth about the baby.

  • Episode 5486

    Sid confronts Margaret with his suspicions about her part in her husband's ill health.

  • Episode 5485

    As Romeo tries to set things right with Indi, Alan Henderson returns to Sid's care.

  • Episode 5484

    Misinterpreting an innocent situation, Indi grows convinced that Romeo is having an affair with Ruby.

  • Episode 5483

    Casey's plan to quit school backfires when Gina's solution forces him even closer to Henri.

  • Episode 5482

    As Roo gives Harvey a second chance, April breaks Bianca's confidence over the baby's paternity.

  • Episode 5481

    Heath's quest for revenge on Sully endangers Bianca, and Leah's concern for Brax falls under the spotlight.

  • Episode 5480

    When Leah finds Brax knocked out after a robbery at Angelo’s, she urges him to reconsider his cage fight.

  • Episode 5479

    Bianca comes clean about the baby's paternity, while the stakes are raised for Brax's latest fight.

  • Episode 5478

    Henri decides she can no longer tutor Casey, but for how long can she deny her feelings?

  • Episode 5477

    Sasha appeals to Dex for help, while Casey confronts Henri over her part in April and Heath's break-up.

  • Episode 5476

    As Sasha's problems at school continue, can Sid convince her to agree to a move away from the Bay?

  • Episode 5475

    As emotions run high on the day of Stu's memorial, Sid drops a bombshell on the Walker family.

  • Episode 5474

    As Sasha becomes the victim of bullying, Ruby gives Indi a wake-up call over her treatment of Romeo.

  • Episode 5473

    As Casey heads off on a camping trip with Tyler, Brax realises his brother's life could be in danger.

  • Episode 5472

    April breaks down after finding Henri at her romantic getaway with Heath.

  • Episode 5471

    As Roo bids to outshine Harvey with her fundraising efforts, Heath finds himself at the centre of a tussle between April and Henri.