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  • Episode 6295

    Marilyn's memories of John come flooding back.

  • Episode 6296

    Charlotte discovers another note from her stalker.

  • Episode 6297

    A threatening stranger tells Charlotte not to leave the Bay.

  • Episode 6298

    When Ricky finds out that Kyle is thinking about leaving Summer Bay she persuades him to stay.

  • Episode 6299

    Roo deals with the fallout of nearly marrying James without inviting Maddy and Alf.

  • Episode 5514

    Liam commits to helping Hayley, and Sasha surprises Sid by drawing inspiration from an unlikely source.

  • Episode 5513

    Having struck up a deal with Hayley, Heath grows convinced that Bianca has chosen him over Liam.

  • Episode 5512

    As he and Bianca prepare to leave Summer Bay, Liam reaches a life-changing decision about their future.

  • Episode 5511

    April's bid for attention fails to impress Dex, and VJ falls foul of Summer Bay newcomer Jett James.

  • Episode 5510

    After playing third wheel during Dex's date with Lottie, April is pushed to confess her feelings.

  • Episode 5509

    Sasha defies Sid to be with Xavier, and Indi battles her heartbreak as word spreads about Romeo and Ruby.

  • Episode 5508

    When Romeo questions the motives behind her date with Logan, Indi retaliates by playing on his jealousy.

  • Episode 5507

    Still blaming her for Charlie's death, Brax forces Hayley to come clean about why she set him up.

  • Episode 5506

    Heath's decision to hire Hayley ups the pressure on Bianca and Liam, sparking a showdown in the diner.

  • Episode 5505

    Leah's plans to forget Brax end in disaster when she braves her first attempt at internet dating.

  • Episode 5504

    Indi and Romeo discuss the future of their relationship, only to realise the depths of each other's betrayal.

  • Episode 5503

    As Indi turns to Logan for a distraction, a drunken Romeo sets his sights on Ruby.

  • Episode 5502

    With Liam refusing to compromise, Heath is pushed into taking drastic action to prevent him and Bianca from leaving with his unborn baby.

  • Episode 5501

    Unable to reconcile their tempestuous relationship with Heath, Bianca and Liam attempt to steal away from the Bay.

  • Episode 5500

    Heath continues to make a strong and upfront play for Bianca, prompting Liam to quit his job at Angelo's.

  • Episode 5499

    Wanting to get to Heath, Casey reveals the truth about his relationship with Henri - but will he live to regret it?

  • Episode 5498

    A surprise job offer casts the future of Henri's relationship with Casey further into doubt.

  • Episode 5497

    Indi's gift from Logan becomes a source of tension between her and Romeo, prompting a heartbreaking realisation.

  • Episode 5496

    Set up by Steve, Ruby struggles against his allegations and worries about proving her innocence.

  • Episode 5495

    As the trial continues, Xavier uncovers new evidence that brings to light corruption in the force.

  • Episode 5494

    The Walkers feel the heat as Sasha goes on trial for Stu's murder. Can the family keep it together?

  • Episode 5492

    When VJ's caught drinking with a group of River Boys, Leah is outraged at Brax's apparent abandonment of him.