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  • Episode 6321

    Charlotte confronts Irene after getting an eviction notice.

  • Episode 6322

    Charlotte puts an end to Trystan's campaign of fear.

  • Episode 6323

    Kat sets out to prove Charlotte's guilt.

  • Episode 6324

    Oscar confronts Maddy about keeping Matt's secret.

  • Episode 6325

    A specialist visits Josh and reveals a shock diagnosis.

  • Episode 5535

    Heath and Bianca's baby joy threatens to be short-lived after complications arise following the birth.

  • Episode 5533

    Heath resolves to find a way to get Danny out of jail, turning to Hayley for help unpicking the case.

  • Episode 5532

    Liam questions whether Hayley is completely over her drug habit. Is she still on dangerous ground?

  • Episode 5531

    Gina steps in to take care of Jett, unaware that John has taken matters into his own hands over the mugging.

  • Episode 5530

    Still feeling unwell after his flight, Alf ignores the warning signs - but at what cost to his health?

  • Episode 5529

    Liam struggles to free himself from his relationship with Hayley, and Romeo uses Ruby's money to bail out Indi.

  • Episode 5528

    Heath's met with an icy reception when he's prompted to visit father Danny behind bars.

  • Episode 5527

    Struggling with the news about Bianca's condition, Heath hits the bottle to drink away his problems.

  • Episode 5526

    Keeping Heath in the dark, Bianca takes Liam into her confidence over the problems with her pregnancy.

  • Episode 5525

    Harvey's forced to consider a guilty plea ahead of his court case, and Bianca worries her stress levels are behind complications with her pregnancy.

  • Episode 5524

    Heath tries to reach out to Bianca, and Xavier fails to impress Gina with his suspicions about Jett.

  • Episode 5523

    Colleen feels neglected ahead of her farewell to the Bay, little prepared for the surprise that awaits.

  • Episode 5522

    Liam realises he and Hayley are in dangerous territory, and Townsend finds a new axe to grind with Casey.

  • Episode 5521

    As she plans how best to spend her lottery winnings, Colleen gets an unexpected invitation from Lance.

  • Episode 5520

    Despite her reluctance to accept help, Liam stays with Hayley as she tries to kick her drug habit.

  • Episode 5519

    Harvey helps Lottie break the ice with Dex, and Liam pushes Hayley to admit to her drug problem.

  • Episode 5518

    April and Lottie compete for Dex's affections, and Casey takes his hatred of Townsend a step too far.

  • Episode 5517

    As Romeo commits to moving on without Indi, Bianca and Heath share in their excitement about the baby.

  • Episode 5516

    When Romeo is rushed into surgery, Ruby is horrified to realise the severity of his injuries.

  • Episode 5515

    As Indi plunges herself further into debt, Romeo's luck runs out when a knee injury threatens his surfing career.