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  • Episode 6259

    Charlotte tries to smooth things over with Leah.

  • Episode 6260

    Chris and Hannah's fake relationship convinces everyone, including his ex girlfriend.

  • Episode 6261

    Leah and Evie have a near miss when their car brakes fail.

  • Episode 6262

    Leah tells Zac that Hunter frightens her, and that she wants nothing to do with him any more.

  • Episode 5575

    After confiding in Marilyn about his fears over his wife, Romeo loses the plot when he catches Liam and Indi together.

  • Episode 5574

    As sparks continue to fly between her and Liam, Indi struggles to earn Romeo's trust after missing their meeting.

  • Episode 5573

    With Sid doubtful of their decision, April and Dex set out to win approval from their families for their plans to move in together.

  • Episode 5572

    As Dex and April announce their plans to live together, Heath and Bianca's decision to move in with Irene leaves Darcy feeling isolated.

  • Episode 5571

    Brax questions Casey about siding with their dad, before giving Danny some cash in an attempt to get him to back off.

  • Episode 5570

    Lottie reaches a decision about her future in Summer Bay, and sparks fly between Brax and Natalie.

  • Episode 5569

    After Mel forces his hand, Harvey reveals to Lottie what really happened on the day of Ben's death - but at what cost to their relationship?

  • Episode 5568

    Forced to raise money quickly to pay off Danny, Brax gets caught in the middle of a drug deal.

  • Episode 5567

    Indi tells Sid not to meddle in her love life, but then snubs Romeo in favour of a drive with Liam.

  • Episode 5566

    Sasha becomes jealous when she sees Casey kissing Ruby, unaware of his true intentions.

  • Episode 5565

    As Romeo and Indi build bridges, Sasha is left fighting her jealousy when Ruby sets her sights on Casey.

  • Episode 5564

    Danny sets his sights on Ruby's inheritance, and Romeo's given fresh hope of a reconciliation with Indi.

  • Episode 5563

    Casey starts to become aware of Danny's dark side – and how Brax is under pressure to pay him off.

  • Episode 5562

    Jett reluctantly agrees to meet Richard, but the outcome isn't quite as expected for either side.

  • Episode 5561

    Dex spends an awkward night with April at Irene's house, and news of Bianca's relationship receives a mixed reaction.

  • Episode 5560

    With Jett convinced that she's been sabotaging his search for his father, will Gina admit to her deceit?

  • Episode 5559

    As Harvey and Mel battle over custody of their daughter, Bianca's uncertain relationship with Heath becomes a source of tension between April and Dex.

  • Episode 5558

    Casey is shocked to learn from Brax the truth about Danny, but will he believe all that's he told?

  • Episode 5557

    Back in Summer Bay to collect what he is owed, Danny becomes the chief suspect when Brax is left unconscious in the bush.

  • Episode 5556

    With Romeo drowning his sorrows, Sid battles his concern as Indi chooses to comfort the man who broke her heart.