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  • Episode 5980

    Marilyn has a surprise in store for John when she puts on a lavish spread and proposes.

  • Episode 5981

    John, Marilyn, Alf and Brax are concerned that Jett has gone missing.

  • Episode 5982

    Kyle faces an impossible dilemma – break Phoebe’s heart or continue to be terrorised by her father?

  • Episode 5983

    Will Bianca tell Heath about her transfer request?

  • Episode 5984

    Bianca says goodbye to Summer Bay.

  • Episode 5865

    Dex realises that he’s the only thing holding April back and it’s time to take a chance on something.

  • Episode 5864

    As Dex searches for Star Wars wedding costumes online he sees a message from April's Dad.

  • Episode 5863

    When April's father hears of her forthcoming marriage, he makes her an offer that could change everything.

  • Episode 5862

    Ricky visits Brax in prison for the first time.

  • Episode 5861

    As Evie tries to get an injured Spencer away from the cult, Oscar senses that his twin is in trouble.

  • Episode 5860

    After getting a beating from Murray's disciples, Spencer realises he has to leave the cult.

  • Episode 5859

    Haunted by dreams of Romeo, Indi decides to split up with Chris and make a new start away from the Bay.

  • Episode 5858

    After conferring with Sasha, Chris decides to return to the cult and try to persuade Spencer to leave.

  • Episode 5857

    Kyle gets fed up of Nate's presence and quits Angelo's.

  • Episode 5856

    The search is on for Josh, who could die if he is not found.

  • Episode 5855

    John and Marilyn plan their first date. Maddy blames Roo for her split with Josh.

  • Episode 5854

    Roo worries that Maddy's relationship with Josh is getting her into trouble.

  • Episode 5853

    The Mangrove River principal causes trouble for Bianca and Heath.

  • Episode 5852

    The Braxton brothers meet to discuss reopening Angelo's, and Spencer turns up at Sanctuary Lodge.

  • Episode 5851

    After Ricky helps Josh recuperate she comes home to a house without Brax for the first time.