Home and Away

Dan: Heath would never harm Bianca

Dan Ewing reflects on Home and Away's B&S ball cliffhanger - and tells us why he reckons the story is far from over for alter ego Heath and Bianca.

In the first of our exclusive video clips, Home and Away hunk Dan Ewing reflected on his first few months as the notorious Heath Braxton - whose antics have so far included countless clashes with the locals, staking a claim for leadership of the River Boys and giving recovering addict Liam a helping hand in falling off the wagon.

Here in a follow-up video, as we look ahead to upcoming storylines, Dan reflects on the legend that is Cheryl Braxton; warns viewers not to underestimate baby of the River Boy bunch Casey; and, in the aftermath of the B&S ball storyline, reveals why he reckons his alter ego would never hurt Bianca.

And that's not all. For more from Dan, check out the third and final part of our Q&A, in which he teases the arrival of some fiery rivals, and find out what the Home and Away star had to say in answer to some of your questions.