Home and Away

Lincoln: Casey is no bad boy

Lincoln Younes reveals River Boy Casey Braxton isn't the bad boy he appears to be, and just wants to fit in and find friends in Summer Bay...

Lincoln Younes as Casey Braxton in Home and Away

Lincoln Younes has recently joined Home and Away as surf hunk Casey Braxton.

The youngest of the River Boys, Casey wants to turn over a new leaf in Summer Bay and make friends.

Lincoln reveals how he's finding life on the soap, and hints at what might be in store for the Casey and the River Boys...

How did the River Boys get their bad boy reputation?

Their reputation as pariahs in the community came from all the fights, property damage and general rebelliousness spurred from the boredom that comes from living in a small, conservative town.

Who do you think is the leader of the gang and why?

Indisputably the leader is Brax (Darryl Braxton). He has the foresight, understanding and strength needed to lead, and though sometimes there [are] power struggles between other members, inevitably he was the proprietor and original leader of the gang and will remain that...or will he?

The boys are making plenty of enemies in Summer Bay. Are they going to make any friends? Who?

Casey definitely makes moves to befriend some of the locals, and arguably does with Dex, Xavier and Ruby. Brax formulates a love-hate friendship with Angelo and Charlie. Heath, however, struggles to extend his relationships and loyalty outside of the River Boys gang.

Have the River Boys got a softer side?

They all certainly do; however, this is uncovered at different times for all of them. Casey is definitely the first to display softer emotions, mostly around Ruby. Heath and Brax, however, show hints of sensitivity or insecurity at a slower pace, and these are usually revealed around crises.

Did playing a bad boy attract you to the part, or were you worried people might assume you are a bad boy in real life too?

Casey isn't really a bad boy, so that wasn't the initial attraction. What attracted me to him was how he is, in essence, a product of his two older brothers and their clashing personalities. He has the sensitivity, but also shows aspects of how volatile he can be when pushed...

Are you anything like your character?

Not really. Casey is the epitome of teenage angst. He has no idea who he is, how he should be around others, and at times is very impressionable. He also has deep anger issues... In real life, I'm a very happy person, and though I have gone through some of these things, I'd like to think I've moved past them by now.

Did you have to show off your surfing skills to get the part?

Thankfully, I didn't. I'm from a city called Melbourne, where there are practically no beaches, so my surfing experience was minimal. I'm making efforts to learn now though.

What is your favourite thing to do on the beach?

I love to just swim in the waves. It's so relaxing, and it can be where I do my best thinking. Beach soccer is also one of my favourites.

What about your surfing physique? Was that part of the audition process?

Again, not really. I wasn't particularly fit when I started the show, but have been working on it since... I think I'm starting to get the surfer's physique... I hope.

What is your workout routine?

I go to the gym about three or four times a week, and I go running when I can.

Who would you most like your character to have a romance with in Summer Bay?

Well, Casey is presently with Ruby on the show, and Rebecca (Breeds) and I have a lot of fun with that...but if we were to split up, maybe Indi or April. I always did have a thing for Charlie, though.

Have you been getting a lot attention from female fans since you joined the show? How do you deal with that?

All the attention and getting recognised is beginning to happen more often. It's so surreal, but it can be quite nice and can cheer me up if I'm having a bad day. Generally people only have positive things to say, and it's great to hear how much they love watching the show.