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Lisa: Bianca's made her choice

With Heath pushing Bianca and Liam to their limits, Home and Away's Lisa Gormley teases what the future holds for Summer Bay's infamous love triangle.

Lisa: Bianca's made her choice

They say the course of true love never did run smooth, but when Home and Away's Bianca finally made it up the aisle with rugged rocker Liam fans we were quietly hoping a fairytale ending might be on the cards. Of course, this being soapland, the loved-up pair had barely said 'I do' before Bianca's short-lived fling with Heath came back to haunt her.

Now, as Liam battles the notion of playing dad to another man's child, the Summer Bay love triangle appears to be growing more complicated by the day, and there's no sign of things slowing down, as Bianca's alter ego Lisa Gormley explains.

After all their problems, we’d hoped that Bianca’s marriage to Liam might have been a new beginning for the couple. How did you feel when you were told about the pregnancy storyline?

Worried at first, as I thought it may neutralise the character, but alas there has been so much drama and different aspects to Bianca to explore.

There’s understandably tension between Bianca and Liam over the paternity of the baby. How does that develop and what does it mean for their relationship?

The ball really is in Liam's court. He is what it all depends on. If he can't handle the idea, there is nothing Bianca can do.

Now that he knows the truth about the baby, we understand that Heath sets about making a play for Bianca. How will she respond to that?

Shocked, as she assumed being married to another man would make him give up! It's rather awkward.

It gets to the point that Liam and Bianca actually consider leaving Summer Bay, doesn’t it? Tell us more!

Yes, in a last-ditch effort to convince Liam she wants only him, Bianca agrees it's the only option for them. It's a hard decision.

Heath secures a court order to prevent them from leaving. What impact does that have on Liam and Bianca’s relationship?

Yet another stress they don't need. It just adds to the already complicated situation.

Particularly given the uncertain future of her relationship with Liam, do you think Bianca could ever be tempted back into Heath’s arms? Could you see it working between them?

She has made her choice of the man she wants to be with. But it all depends in whether or not he will stand by her. Heath would have to be very extraordinary for her to coax her back into those fine arms.

Bianca’s relationship with her sister has also suffered a major setback, given April’s role in the drama. Do you think it’s salvageable? Is there anything April can or will do to redeem herself?

It's just a matter of time; they love each other very much. You forgive those you love. Eventually.

With her relationships so fragile, where will we see Bianca turn for support?

Her family, Summer Bay family. Irene, Leah and of course, eventually, April.

What teasers can you give us about other storylines coming up for Bianca?  

I've had to do a lot of research into the storylines coming up. Some very ugly scenes coming. My favourite.

Would you like to see her embracing motherhood? What kind of mum do you think she’d make?

I would love to see her take to it easily. But she is still quite a child herself, so we shall see.

How would you like to see Bianca develop as a character?

Some comedy and some darkness. She has the potential to go both ways.