Home and Away

Bay babe says aloha to marriage

Spoiler alert! There's a surprise proposal in store when Home and Away hits Hawaii in a few weeks' time - and not everyone will be too happy about it.

Rhiannon Fish (April Scott), Samara Weaving (Indi Walker) and Rebecca Breeds (Ruby Buckton)

It's only weeks since Home and Away's Romeo was caught cheating with Ruby, and with some of his, ahem, past indiscretions coming back to haunt him, right now he's not exactly proving to be Summer Bay's biggest catch.

Thankfully the lothario's future starts to look a whole lot brighter when he accompanies Roo on a business trip to Hawaii in a few weeks' time. It might be girlfriend Indi who walks away with a job offer, but for Romeo it's just the prompt he needs to at least get his relationship, if not his career, back on track - and he swiftly pops the question.

'The fact that Indi's been offered a job brings up the prospect of being separated from her again,' actor Luke Mitchell tells TV Week. 'And Romeo doesn't deal with that well. He's finally got the girl of his dreams, and she might be going away.'

Co-star Samara Weaving describes the proposal and Indi's acceptance as 'beautiful', even if filming the scenes wasn't without its challenges. 'They're having a bite to eat and there aren't many people there. Indi is shocked, but also just overwhelmed with happiness.'

Samara adds, 'Luke and I were just freaking out because it was so weird. We used our nerves to our advantage, though, because obviously neither of us has been proposed to before.'

Indi may be on cloud nine, but not everyone feels the same way when the big news gets out into the open. With Sid's reaction making an elopement all the more appealing, could the loved-up pair have yet another surprise in store?