Home and Away

Bianca and Heath rocked by hospital drama

Spoiler alert! Can Heath and Bianca's relationship survive the strain of another setback with Rocco?

Bianca and Heath haven't had the smoothest of rides since becoming proud parents to baby Rocco, but it seems they're not out of the woods yet.

Upcoming episodes see Bianca receive the heartbreaking news that Rocco has developed a potentially life-threatening infection, and she can't help wondering if there's anything Heath - who was looking after their son when he fell ill - could have done anything to prevent it.

'It happens at a really unfortunate time, because Bianca's doubting Heath's ability to look after Rocco on his own, and is worrying about going back to her job at the school and leaving them on their own,' star Lisa Gormley tells TV Week. 'She has a lot of guilt and a lot of anger towards him.'

When Heath finds out Bianca holds him responsible, he leaves the hospital, devastated. 'I think with these kind of things, when there's no explanation, people lash out at the closest person - and Heath is the closest person to her,' Lisa explains.

Yet more drama follows when Heath's mum Cheryl (Suzi Dougherty) returns to Summer Bay, and doesn't quite see eye-to-eye with Bianca. Can the couple's relationship take the strain?

'Bianca and Heath come from such different worlds that there are constant clashes of opinions,' Lisa adds. 'But you can't help who you love and hopefully they'll be able to work things out.'