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Boys do battle over Indi

Spoiler alert! Summer Bay becomes the scene for an explosive showdown between best mates when Indi cancels plans with Romeo to instead spend time with Liam.

Boys do battle over Indi

Indi may have admitted defeat to Ruby when it comes to Romeo, but word has reached us that it won't be long before the boys are back to fighting over her.

In fact, Summer Bay becomes the scene for an explosive showdown between best mates when Indi cancels plans with Romeo to instead spend time with Liam - starting a friendship that threatens to turn into something more.

Axle Whitehead, who plays Liam, tells TV Week: 'Both [Liam and Indi] have just come out of broken marriages, and they form this friendship and a pact to look after each other.'

But, in supporting Indi, Liam also manages to break the cardinal rule about not hooking up with a friend's ex. 'Every time we think Liam is seeking redemption, he's nearly there and everything is going well and he has a good job, drugs or women get in his road and he seems to always choose the bad way,' Axle adds.

As the tension simmers between Indi and Liam, it isn't long before Romeo begins to suspect there's something amiss. 'He sees the chemistry between them and he sees them mucking around outside Angelo's together, and there comes a point where he has to say something. Romeo calls Liam on it and then makes a huge scene at Angelo's, while Indi and Liam are left thinking, "What do we do?"'

So, are Indi and Liam set to become Summer Bay's hottest new couple? 'You'll just have to wait and see,' Axle teases, 'but there's a recipe for a lot of stuff to go wrong. It's a really exciting storyline with what ends up happening and who is involved in it.'

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  • Joe Eubel

    over 1 year ago

    Joe Eubel

    I think there is always going to be something between Indi and Romeo... They clearly still love each other. Indi is just in a weird place. Her head is saying move on but her heart is saying give it another go. I never agreed with her antics with the banker that led to the split in the first place.

  • ruth oasis

    over 1 year ago

    ruth oasis

    i think that romeo and liam shode have a big fight over indi. i allso think home and away need have a new couple. but what about Heth and beance shode be to gether they wood be the cuotes litte family ever what( do you think ?)

  • Zan

    over 1 year ago


    Oh come on, Indi just cheated on Romeo a few months ago, and now that they look like working it out she's hooking up with his best mate? Ridiculous!

  • Zoe Estrella

    over 1 year ago

    Zoe Estrella

    Indi and Liam are dating in real life as well. I think it's kinda cute. Home and away needs a new fresh couple!!!

  • Laura Stanton

    over 1 year ago

    Laura Stanton

    noooo!!!!! Indi and Romeo belong together so can we just skip all the messing around and let them be together!!!! massive H&A fan.xx

  • Gemma Thompson

    over 1 year ago

    Gemma Thompson

    I don't know why Romeo should be jealous if indi gets with Liam, Romeo is always playing the field, he slept with ruby years ago behind indi's back, then he left indi again and got back with ruby. He wants his cake and eat it (Romeo) let her be free Romeo does not deserve her, go Liam :-)