Home and Away

Brax has the ex factor

Home and Away's Steve Peacocke teases the arrival of Brax's ex, Tegan, and why Charlie might want to tighten her grip on her man.

Saskia Burmeister as Tegan in Home and Away

Summer Bay's Charlie Buckton has a weakness for hunky bad boys, so it was clear from the moment they met that she'd succeed in getting the irresistible Brax wrapped around her little finger. But Home and Away star Steve Peacocke reveals the cop might have to tighten her grip in a couple of weeks' time, when Brax's former squeeze hits town to do his mother's bidding.

'Brax has been butting heads with his mum, Cheryl (Suzi Dougherty), so she decides to contact Tegan to suss out what's going on with [him],' Steve tells TV Week.

'Brax has a soft spot for [Tegan] because they have this history, but he doesn't trust her at all. She's not the type of person he can confide in, and he's pretty sceptical of her reasons for just showing up all of a sudden.'

And once Charlie gets her opportunity to size up the competition, it doesn't take long for her to suffer an attack of the green-eyed monster. 'She doesn't really want this relationship to go public, but at the same time she doesn't want Brax to move on from her,' Steve explains. 'She wants him to tag along behind until something might happen down the track.'

Asked whether Tegan's arrival will derail his relationship with Charlie, Steve adds: 'Until she's out of the picture, it's not going to be smooth sailing.'

Could we have another Summer Bay scrag fight on our hands?