Home and Away

Casey to face new enemy

Spoiler alert! After last year being left for dead by Kyle, you'd think things couldn't get much worse for Casey - but his problems have only just begun.

Casey to face new enemy

After last year being knocked unconscious and left for dead by half-brother Kyle, you'd think things couldn't get much worse for Casey - but it seems that his problems have only just begun.

Upcoming episodes will see him sentenced to weekend detention for his part in a botched robbery, and while there he finds himself faced with a new threat, in the form of fellow inmate Courtney (played by Joshua Brennan).

'Casey is trying to keep to himself,' star Lincoln Younes tells TV Week. 'It's a juvenile detention centre, so it's not at the serious end of prisons, but it's still quite dangerous because there are a lot of precarious situations in which he finds himself. He's just trying not to draw too much attention [to himself].'

His attempts to keep a low profile prove futile, though, when he gets caught in a run-in with Courtney, whom Lincoln describes as the 'stereotypical prison bully'.

But Casey at least seems to have found an ally in prison education officer Zac, who steps in when a fight breaks out. Realising that the other inmates think that the youngest Braxton is an easy target, Zac encourages Casey to hit him in the face to prove otherwise. '[Casey]'s grateful to Zac for that, but he also doesn't know why Zac's helping him,' Lincoln explains.

As if the trauma of his first weekend in detention wasn't enough, Casey faces more drama at home when he arrives back in the Bay to not only find that Brax has allowed Kyle to move in with them but also face the unresolved love triangle in which he's caught up with Sasha and Tamara. Will either of them be able to win his heart?

And, more importantly, will Casey ever really be safe behind bars?