Home and Away

Father-son reunion for the Braxtons

Spoiler alert! The prospect of fatherhood pushes Heath to reach out to his own dad, Danny - but will theirs prove to be a happy reunion?

Father-son reunion for the Braxtons

Spoiler alert!

We know from meeting the Braxton brothers' mum Cheryl that strong characters run in the family, but details about the head of the clan have remained few and far between - until now.

That's right: as Heath looks forward to impending fatherhood, upcoming episodes of Home and Away will see him inspired to pick up a few life lessons (or at least find out what not to do) by paying a visit to his own dad, Danny, in prison.

'After it's confirmed he's the father of Bianca's baby, [Heath] realises he has a lot of questions about his own father and why he left them,' star Dan Ewing tells TV Week. 'I think deep down he wants to make peace with him because he feels he'll be a better father if he does that.'

As you might expect, the reunion doesn't get off to the best start, with Heath still bitter over his dad's abandonment and his criminal past, but that doesn't stop Danny (played by Andy McPhee) catching Heath off guard with a bold admission.

'Danny regrets a lot of the stuff he did in his past, and he lets Heath know that he wishes he didn't throw his family away,' Dan explains. 'But there's so much water under the bridge that it won't be a one-visit fix.'

Although this might not be the last the pair see of one another, Dan confesses that he'd rather not return to the Parramatta prison location chosen for filming the scenes. 'I went into one cell and closed the door and had a few minutes to myself, and that was enough for me - it was a very daunting experience.'