Home and Away

Leah leaps into love?

Home and Away beauty Leah Patterson-Baker finds herself in a love dilemma when she gets close and personal with her long-time friend Miles.

Ada Nicodemou as Leah Patterson-Baker in Home and Away

Home And Away's Leah Patterson-Baker is sent into a love spin after she locks lips with her long-time friend Miles Copeland.

The single mum, played by Ada Nicodemou, hasn't actively been on the lookout for love, since she split up with Elijah but sometimes Cupid's arrow strikes when you're least expecting it.

And she plants a smacker on Miles's (Josh Quong Tart) lips, days after he declares his feelings for her.

'Miles keeps trying to talk to Leah but Elijah always seems to be in the way. Eventually, Miles gets her alone and they discuss the situation. Suddenly, Leah decides to take a chance and find out if there's any chemistry between her and Miles - so she kisses him!' Ada tells Inside Soap.

Could romance be on the bill for the two friends? Ada reckons they could be a good match.

'Leah and Miles have a bit of history, and they even tried to get together in the past,' she reveals.

'The timing has never been right, but he's always been there for her. Miles is also a great father figure to Leah's son VJ.'

Will the snog lead to something more - and could Leah finally find her fairytale ending? We certainly hope so.