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Lessons in love for Brax

Spoiler alert! As Brax opens up to the possibility of a new relationship, will another Braxton family drama threaten his chances with his date?

Lessons in love for Brax

He was a broken man after losing Charlie, but it seems there could be a new relationship on the horizon for River Boy hunk Brax - if he can keep his family dramas under control, that is.

Upcoming storylines will see him arranging a drink with school counsellor Natalie, whom star Steve Peacocke admits could be an ideal match for his alter ego. 'He likes her, he respects her, and he can see she's doing good for Casey and the family,' Steve tells TV Week. 'What he's finding with Natalie is that she's bringing out a new side of him, too - and that intrigues him a little bit.

'He's definitely open to the possibility of a relationship, but he's still got this nagging guilt from what happened with Charlie. He's on the cusp of moving forward, and Natalie's a really good fit for him at the moment.'

Steve's co-star Catherine Mack adds that, although Natalie finds Brax attractive, romance isn't necessarily at the forefront of her mind. 'She just wants to help their family and she wants to help Casey, and to help Casey she needs to go through Brax,' Catherine explains. 'She wants to find out more about the situation with those two.'

But plans for their first date are derailed thanks to another family emergency, forcing Brax to leave Natalie high and dry. 'Brax is trying to protect his family,' Steve explains, 'and it's a real question whether he has time for a woman in between all this stuff that's happening.'