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Liam to fall back into addiction

Spoiler alert! As Liam's relationship with Hayley progresses, the former rockstar is set to find himself back on a downward spiral.

Liam to fall back into addiction

After his battle with addiction, life for Liam Murphy appeared to be on the up as he looked ahead to marriage life with Bianca - but, since their break-up, it seems his future is looking less certain.

Channel 5 viewers have already seen the beginnings of Liam's relationship with Hayley, and as things progress the former rockstar finds himself back on a downward spiral.

'He hasn't really had his head screwed on since Bianca and he split up, and so it has been a slow decline,' Axle Whitehead tells TV Week.

'He ended up hooking up with Hayley and has the best intentions to help her in her recovery, but once an addict, always an addict, and temptation got the better of him.'

The depth of Liam's problems become clear after a big night out, when Leah notices he has a cut over his eye and rushes him to hospital, where he finally admits that he's used cocaine. But the real shock comes when he suffers a seizure while there.

Axle adds that the health scare comes as a 'huge wake-up call' to Liam, whom he thinks 'needs to smarten up his act and get Hayley out of his life.' But will that prove easier said than done?