Home and Away

Love's a tricky business for Roo

Spoiler alert! With the return of Roo's former flame set to make waves in her relationship with Harvey, will a tempting offer push her to risk it all?

Love's a tricky business for Roo

It wouldn't be Summer Bay without a hearty dose of relationship drama, and when Home and Away returns the sun-kissed soap will have plenty more on offer, with the arrival of Roo's former flame set to make waves in her relationship with fiance Harvey.

Speaking about Roo's ex, star Georgie Parker tells TV Week: 'They were boyfriend and girlfriend in New York and had a business together. But they split because he was married and he was unhappy, and kept saying he was going to leave his wife - but he never did. He comes to Summer Bay under the proviso that he's left his unhappy marriage and he tells Roo: "You're the one that I want."'

And, as Tim turns on the carm, it doesn't take long for him to tap into Roo's passion for business, presenting Roo with a work opportunity that would also keep him in the Bay.

'I think in her heart she probably thinks that what he's doing is to try and win her back,' Georgie explains. 'But there also aren't a lot of employment opportunities in Summer Bay, and he offers her work and that makes her feel good.

'She's torn between going back to what she's good at doing, which is business and marketing, and making sure she doesn't fall back into the trap of falling for him.'

Although the idea of Roo working in such close quarters with her ex does little to ease Harvey's concerns, Roo makes it clear that he won't be getting a say when it comes to whether or not she takes up Tim's offer of business.

'If Harvey pushes her into a corner and forces her to make a choice, she's a pretty strong person and he wouldn't want to be stopped from doing anything she wants to do.

'She likes adventure and if she feels like her options are being limited, she would do a runner,' Georgie teases. 'Roo could be about to risk everything.'