Home and Away

Marilyn set for baby battle

Home and Away's Marilyn has always been on shaky legal ground as an adopted mum to baby George, but Nicole's set to give her another reason to worry.

Tessa James as Nicole Franklin and Luke Jacobz as Angelo Rosetta

Home and Away's Marilyn has always been on shaky legal ground with her agreement to raise baby George, so it's little surprise that Nicole's ever-increasing interest in her son has left her feeling insecure about her future. And now that Nic and new beau Angelo are looking so cosy, the Walkers will soon have more reason than ever to worry.

'Angelo has been putting all these ideas in [Nicole's] head and opened up doors that didn't exist before,' star Emily Symons, who plays Marilyn, tells TV Week. 'Nicole always felt that she couldn't give the baby a proper life, but she's started to realise that may not be the case.'

Later this month, Marilyn's world begins to unravel when she realises that Nicole intends to reclaim George and, after seeking advice from Morag, she's faced with the reality that she doesn't have a legal leg to stand on.

But while a desperate Marilyn is determined to put together a case to discredit the Nicole and Angelo as parents, Sid remains harder to convince. 'He has to be the sensible one and play referee between Nicole and Marilyn,' Emily explains, 'but Marilyn's invested so much more emotionally into raising this baby, while Sid's never really been 100 per cent into it.'

The Summer Bay baby battle comes to a head when Sid one day arrives home to find both Marilyn and George missing. 'She's emotionally fragile [and] we've seen her break down and then become very resolved about keeping George,' says Emily. 'What she does next is out of character for her and very irresponsible. It will definitely shock viewers.'