Home and Away

Mum's the word over new pregnancy plot

Spoiler alert! A shock pregnancy announcement is set to rock one of Summer Bay's most complicated love triangles, but who's the mum-to-be?

Mum's the word over new pregnancy plot

If you thought the love triangle between Home and Away's Ruby, Indi and Romeo was enough drama to keep you on your toes, brace yourselves: their messy relationship is set to become more complicated still when one of the girls steps up to reveal she's pregnant.

And, as Luke Mitchell reveals, Summer Bay alter ego Romeo is far from prepared for this latest twist in his personal life. 'It's something Romeo probably wouldn't be ready for, regardless of whether it's Indi or Ruby,' he tells TV Week. 'It would be another thing to add to his dilemmas.'

Speaking of Romeo's feelings for the two women in his life, Luke explains: 'He likes Ruby, but I think it's more about companionship than anything else.' And as for Indi? 'They're still married and wearing wedding rings, so it's kind of tricky. When do you take the ring off, even though you think the marriage is over?'

Although the cast are remaining tight-lipped about which of the women it is who announces her pregnancy, Luke's co-star Samara adds that, were it to be Indi, it 'would change everything.' She explains, 'There's a baby involved and that puts added pressure, but an element of selflessness comes in because you have to think about this child and not just your personal feelings.'

While Samara admits that to have her rival announce her pregnancy would be devastating ('It would be like watching someone else live the life you thought you'd have,' she explains), co-star Rebecca says Ruby would be delighted: 'In a sense it would be perfect, because then she's got someone who she can love and who loves her.'

Meanwhile, off screen Luke and Rebecca recently announced their engagement, and the irony hasn't been lost on Samara. 'It's pretty funny having two girls fighting for the same guy, especially because Rebecca and Luke are together in reality,' she says. 'But it's fun and they're lovely people, so it's good to have a cast that everyone gets along with.'