Home and Away

New girl for Xav?

This Summer Bay newcomer April will take a shine to Xavier. But will he fall for her charms?

New girl for Xav?

Now that Ruby's all besotted with Liam, poor Xavier is a bit lacking on the romance front.

So could this Summer Bay newcomer be the answer? She certainly hopes so.

April Scott shows up in the Bay next week and it's not long before she takes a shine to the sweet-natured blond, played by David Jones-Roberts.

He's in full post break-up mode, scattering old pictures of Ruby into the water from the pier. An unimpressed April orders him to fish the photos out, but he goes one step further and jumps straight in.

Rhiannon Fish, who plays April, told Home and Away's Aussie website: "She notices very quickly that he's kind of special and a little bit different from the other boys she's been with in the past. As soon as she points out he's doing something bad to the environment he leaps off the pier and gets the pictures out. She likes what she sees."

But will their connection develop into something more?

The actress said: "I know April would like there to be a little romance between her and Xavier. However, there are a few obstacles she encounters along the way so it's really a question of whether he's going to man up and take April." Could this be the start of something beautiful?