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New romance for River Boy Brax

Spoiler alert! As the Bay's most eligible bachelor, it's little wonder that Brax has girls falling at his feet - but could long-time fan Leah be out of luck?

New romance for River Boy Brax

As one of Summer Bay's most eligible bachelors, it's little wonder that Brax has girls falling at his feet - but, when it comes to his next choice of love interest, it seems that his long-time fan Leah may be out of luck.

In upcoming episodes sparks will fly between the River Boy and school counsellor Natalie Davison (played by Catherine Mack), who'll typically be spending her days dishing out welcome advice to Brax's younger brother Casey and fellow troubled teen Sasha.

'She finds him interesting, but she's just working out who he is and what it's all about,' Catherine reveals to TV Week.

But how does Catherine feel about potentially filling Charlie's shoes, especially with some viewers rooting for Leah and others not ready for Brax to move on at all? 'I was overseas when a lot of that was [airing], so I wasn't aware of the magnitude of that,' the star explains. 'I'm just focusing on my part and doing the best I can for my character. You can't concern yourself with that too much.'

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  • sammy

    almost 2 years ago


    no i dont think he should move on yet - its still too soon!!

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  • Ash

    almost 2 years ago


    Yeh @ Emma your right Charlie was such a good actress and nobody can replace her xx we miss you Charlie xx

  • Emma

    almost 2 years ago


    No One Can Replace Charlie EVER !