Home and Away

Nicole's beach baby

In just a couple of weeks' time, Home and Away's Nicole will be welcoming a new arrival to the Summer Bay fold - in typically dramatic fashion.

Tessa James as Nicole Franklin in Home and Away

It seems like only yesterday that Home and Away's Nicole announced her pregnancy, but in just a couple of weeks' time the residents of Summer Bay will be welcoming a new arrival to the fold - in typically dramatic fashion.

Frustrated after her due date passes and there's still no sign of the baby, Nicole falls back on some trusty old wives' tales in her bid to bring on labour. Before long even Angelo is helping with the research, passing on tips from his mum.

When not even some of the Bay's finest Italian cooking succeeds in moving things along, Nicole eventually opts for what she hopes will be a calming walk on the beach - but her plans take a dramatic turn when she goes into sudden labour, leaving her no time to get to a hospital and Angelo no choice but to help deliver the baby.

After getting Sid on the phone, Angelo thankfully manages to guide Nicole through the birth of a baby boy, but developments only leave more questions unanswered. Actress Tessa James tells TV Week, 'I think it's clear to see that the lines of friendship could be blurring into something more for Nicole and Angelo.'

Co-star Luke Jacobz, who plays Angelo, adds: 'They've been spending time together and have realised how comfortable they are together.'

So, could the eventful birth prompt Nicole to rethink her decision not to raise the child herself? 'I think it's hard to not bond,' Tessa says. 'But this is Marilyn's baby, and Nicole is so young and wants very much to give Marilyn and Sid this gift.' Still the question remains: can she bring herself to go through with it?