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Romeo surfs into trouble

Spoiler alert! After re-injuring his knee while surfing, Romeo hits rock bottom as he seeks out a way to treat his pain.

Romeo surfs into trouble

It's been a tough few months for Romeo, and it seems things aren't going to get any easier in upcoming episodes.

Wanting to take his mind off his relationship woes, the Summer Bay heartthrob gets stuck in to the world of competitive surfing - but he's at risk of pushing himself too far, and with a knee injury that hasn't fully healed.

'I think a lot of people try to talk some sense into him, but he's hurting mentally and physically,' star Luke Mitchell tells TV Week.

Romeo's worst fears are realised when he comes off his board while riding the waves. 'He gets dumped by a wave and twists his knee and is struggling to swim,' Luke explains.

'John Palmer is there and knows what is going on, and comes in and rescues him. It's one of those things where ego gets in the way and Romeo doesn't give John the acknowledgment that he should for saving his life. He tries to make it look like it wasn't that bad.'

But, while Alf encourages him to go to hospital on the damage he's done to his knee, Romeo isn't quite ready to hear what the doctors have to say. 'It feels like he's losing part of his identity if he can't surf. At this point, he feels like he's lost everything and surfing was the only thing that was keeping him going.'

Desperate for a quick fix, Romeo instead goes to Heath in search of answers, wanting to get his hands on steroids. 'He knows Heath's reputation and figures he would be able to get him something or hook him up with someone who could,' Luke says.

Although Luke admits he was at first surprised by the storyline, he adds, 'It's a pretty good story to tell, because it's not just about steroid use. It's a good lesson to anyone that you shouldn't try to cover things up - it should be about healing.'