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Sally Fletcher star Kate Ritchie to come home to the Bay

In Home and Away's 25th anniversary year, former Summer Bay star Kate Ritchie is set to return to the role that made her a household name.

It's the news that fans have been waiting to hear and, in Home and Away's 25th anniversary year, it couldn't have come at a more exciting time: AFI-nominated, five-time Logie winner Kate Ritchie is to make a welcome return to Summer Bay in 2013.

As an eight-year-old, Kate captured the nation’s heart playing Sally Fletcher, residing in Summer Bay for 20 years. Now, after a five-year break, Kate is delighted to be returning to the show that made her a household name.

'There will be a wonderful sense of familiarity stepping back into Sally’s shoes for a while,' Kate says. 'Summer Bay is a very different place these days and I am looking forward to working with all the fresh faces that have continued to take Home and Away from strength to strength.

'It will be a good opportunity to catch up with some old mates too! Those cast and crew I worked with for so many years are who I have missed the most.'

Kate will return for a special story arc that sees Sally welcomed back to her Summer Bay home.

'I'm not going back forever, just for a couple of months, but there's a great story for Sally and my return was heavily reliant on that,' Kate tells Australia's New Idea magazine. 'I wasn't going to come back and change sheets in the caravan park!'

Kate will begin filming in the coming weeks and the storyline will air over a number of months later this year.

'The show will always have a big place in my heart, which is why revisiting it is such a wonderful opportunity.'

Kate's co-star Ray Meagher, the longest-serving Home and Away cast member, adds: 'The Bay has really missed Sally and I’ve missed Kate – this is great news.

'I can’t wait to work with her again and yes I know she’ll steal every bloody scene she’s in.'

Series Producer Lucy Addario says: 'We are thrilled Kate is returning to Home and Away. Sally holds such a special place in the heart of the show and we trust fans will be as excited as we are to watch her story unfold and follow Sally’s journey again.'

Greg Barnett, Commissioning Editor of Entertainment, Daytime and Soaps at Channel 5, says: 'It's going to be terrific having Sally back in the Bay in Home and Away's 25th anniversary year. The wedding of Roo and Harvey this week will also see the return of favourites Celia, Morag and Colleen, and with a new intake of sexy young cast arriving in 2013, Home and Away couldn't be in better shape. It's utterly unmissable.'

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  • John

    7 months ago


    I have complained to the programme makers about the music being too loud when people are speaking on both Home and Away and Neighbours as I am deaf in one ear and I struggle to understand what is being said but even my wife finds it hard to understand them. Channel 5 haven't done anything about the volume of the music so I am still unable to understand the cast when they speak

  • jawad

    9 months ago


    Great for nostalgia,home & aways little princess sally returns,sadly only for a short while,we shud have a debate as to who our fave characters are from day 1,mine would be sally,selina,chloe,vinny,leah,hayley,finn,damian,i cud go on but id feel like a geek!

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  • Bring back old Summer Bay

    10 months ago

    Bring back old Summer Bay

    I haven't watched it in ages, stopped watching when all the GOOD cast left over the period of a year everyone left (the same time as sally) and even though Leah, Alf and Irene are still in, everyone else is shit. But bring back sally I'm just going to watch it for her, she should stay in the bay and beg most of the old cast back! The show will be alive and kicking again and they would get the ratings more up. Everybody misses the older days when it was worth watching and the acting didn't suck.

  • mick

    10 months ago


    couldn't make it in the real world

  • Torita

    10 months ago


    Sally what months will you be back I hope after July I think I know how you come back I think anyway so can't wait been watching home and away sine I was 8/9 and I'm 18 this year smile love you Sally smile

  • natalie

    10 months ago


    they should bring brad and miles back so miles could be with leah and brad with sally

  • Jamie durant

    1 year ago

    Jamie durant

    I am glad that Sally is coming back in the soap I like her to stay and I hope that old faces comes back again to like Kirsty and Kane plus Leah and colleen to Duncan to return Nicole frankin as well

  • julie

    1 year ago


    i cant wait summer bay has never been the same without sally i am so glad she is coming back and i hope she stays too!!

  • Maria Kyriacou

    1 year ago

    Maria Kyriacou

    maria i'm so pleased that sally is returning back to home and away missed her so much, her role was so good

  • Resh

    1 year ago


    YES! sally is back been watching aome and awat for over 20 years really loved sally's role through out since she was a child. can't wait to see her first scene back. HAPPY TO HAVE YOU BACK!

  • Fusion

    1 year ago


    Channel 7 they complained to ITV on how they treated Home and Away in it's 11 & 1/2 years in airing the program as well as editing. Neighbours in 2007 still retained it's opening titles and is still in good shape. This show had heads rolling since 2001 with it's Back to the Bay show. Which to me I'm quite surprised Channel 5 did not broadcast one of the episodes from 2001 when H&A from Day 1 started in 2012. Lucy Addario, Cameron Welsh. They shot this iconic worldwide hit show in the heart. We were promised new opening titles and extended opening theme from 2001 or 2007. They lied to us, the fans and to produce pathetic 5 second titlecards and filmatic looks are an insult. Sally Fletcher returns. Don't Channel 7 want revenge on Channel 11. Because I believe Neighbours are gonna keep kicking Home and Away lower on it's knees if they don't stop these stupid stuff they have done since 2009. Channel Seven, put the titles and theme song back, or don't expect me watching H&A again!

  • Fusion

    1 year ago


    So she returns for a few months. I'm happy. But this show has been a letdown since 2009, The program's main theme tune of 2000. They are not returning it back. Channel Seven are being unfair. This is what Australia gets. And what we here in the UK have to put up with. Anyway Kate returns back to the bay, so does Sally. Viewing figures have to be on the rise as soon as her episodes are aired. Good luck Kate!

  • Vanessa

    1 year ago


    I've been avidly watching h and a for 25 years, it's taken me through studenthood and motherhood. Love it!!! Would love to see Miles and Sally back as it was so lucky that he found her. Great actress, great to have her back! Can't wait.

  • Anne Hayton

    1 year ago

    Anne Hayton

    It will be great to see sally back on set. can we please have Frank and Stephen back as well. The braxston's and the fletcher's. dynamite.

  • Sheila mayfield

    1 year ago

    Sheila mayfield

    Sheila So glad your coming back missed you Don't make it so long next time bring miles back with you

  • Kim

    1 year ago


    I'm so happy that Sally is coming back, but sad its not for long

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  • Cassie

    1 year ago


    This is GREAT News!! I'm so happy she will be back..its a shame she wont be back for good :( Even though i love H&A, theres so many good actors which have just disappeared. For example, Leah will be gone for a while now that shes having her baby....fans can only hope time will fly and these good acors will be back a.s.a.p :)

  • Lyn

    1 year ago


    Stay for good please, we miss you xxx

  • kate.santos

    1 year ago


    they should bring sally and miles back, ive watched h&a for years but dont like some of the new characters they are so boring.

  • Clare

    1 year ago


    Please bring back Miles too!!

  • Pauline Richards

    1 year ago

    Pauline Richards

    I always though that Sally left the Bay at a very strange time as her brother Miles 'Milko' had only just come to the Bay and found her. It just didnt ring true as something 'Sally' would do.

  • emma

    1 year ago


    Oh I wish she would stay. I turned off after getting bored with the brax/charlie storyline and havent watched since. I will be tuning in again though so I am prepped and ready for her return!