Home and Away

Shooting away from Summer Bay

Spoiler alert! Steve Peacocke and Lincoln Younes share their experiences of filming the action-packed upcoming storyline that took them out on location.

As stars of Home and Away, they already get to enjoy working on a set with one of the world's best views, but that didn't take anything away from the excitement shared by Lincoln Younes (Casey) and Steve Peacocke (Brax) when they heard that they, along with co-star Catherine Mack (Natalie), would be heading out on location to the dusty outback of Parachilna, South Australia.

'I was so excited, and Steve and I did this little happy dance, which was very unlike Steve!' Lincoln jokes in an interview with TV Week magazine. 'But we couldn't wait for it.'

Steve adds, 'I love flat, open country, but this place had it all: sand dunes, claypans and, of course, the huge ranges off in the distance. More importantly, it had the Prairie Hotel, with its cold beer, beautiful food and awesome hosts.'

The scenery may have been stunning, but the location trip wasn't without its challenges: the cast had to endure tough conditions while filming for a dramatic storyline that sees Brax and Natalie searching for Casey in the outback following a kidnap plot.

'The absolute worst thing was the flies,' Lincoln admits. 'There were millions of them, to the point where you couldn't eat your lunch or open your mouth. I swallowed so many, they all called me Lord of the Flies by the end of the week!'

There were other critters to battle, too. 'We were going to eat lunch, and there was a snake nearby that the stunt guy had to deal with,' Lincoln adds. 'Everyone toughened up after a week out there!'

The perils of the outback aside, the cast remained full of enthusiasm for the location scenes. 'The writers are always raising the stakes for our characters, so I thought the idea of having Brax, Natalie and Casey so far from Summer Bay and everything they know was a fantastic way to push them into the unknown,' Steve explains. 'And I love the outback, so the whole thing had an extra bonus for me.'