Home and Away

Summer Bay duo dice with danger

Spoiler alert! Two much-loved Summer Bay faces are in for a scare in the months ahead, but will both live to tell the tale?

Spoiler alert!

With its residents battling natural disasters, a thriving population of criminals and even their own bad luck, Summer Bay living comes with its risks, as two more faces are about to find out in the months ahead.

First in for a scare is Summer Bay stalwart Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher), who makes his long-awaited return, only to find himself swept up in the personal lives of daughter Roo - whose choice of partner leaves him cold - and housemate Romeo.

In fact, so deeply is Alf troubled by not only the fact of Roo's relationship with Harvey but also Romeo's marriage breakdown that he begins to neglect problems with his own health. 'His own personal barometer is telling him that something's amiss, but he won't address that,' Ray Meagher tells TV Week. 'He just pulls his boots on and gets on with it - until it knocks him on his backside.'

Things come to a head when, having lashed out at friends in family rather than face up to his concerns, Alf hits the floor in pain.

'Alf does have a history of heart complaints - is this a return of his previous problems?' Ray teases. 'If anyone ends up on the deck in that much pain, you'd have to be concerned for their health, so it's very serious.'

Meanwhile, long-time friend Marilyn (Emily Symons) is also in for a shock when she's attacked and mugged on the beach. Although she makes it home and downplays the incident, Alf won't have a bar of it.

'He's worried on two fronts: one, that Marilyn was mugged and anything could have happened; and, two, that this sort of behaviour is going on in the Bay and a person can't walk down the street without this sort of rot,' Ray explains. But will Alf's health allow him to be there to pick up the pieces?