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Surf Club brawl

Spoiler alert! More details emerge of a dramatic Summer Bay showdown which leaves one resident fighting for life.

Surf Club brawl

Warning: this article contains spoilers! Stop reading now if you want to keep details of upcoming storylines a surprise.

Earlier this month we brought you details of an upcoming Summer Bay showdown, sparked by Heath's clashes with a rival gang - and, as more details emerge, it's been revealed that one of the town's residents will be left fighting for his life.

TV Week reports that a gang brawl comes about after Heath's rivals give him a beating, putting the River Boys in the mood for revenge and prompting Brax to step in in a bid to keep the peace.

'He's trying to control it as much as he can,' says soap hunk Steve Peacocke, 'but at the same time, despite all the differences they have, blood is thicker than water and he doesn't want anyone messing with his younger brother.'

Things spiral further out of control when Heath and his mates trash the car of rival gang leader Hammer (Benedict Samuel), at which point even Brax begins to wonder if a public face-off is the only way to settle the dispute.

A tip-off to the cops foils plans for a fight - and leaves Charlie less than impressed with Brax - but the problems escalate again when Hammer's gang targets new River Boy Stu. 'Stu gets the "Blood & Sand" tattoo sliced off his arm by the other boys,' Steve reveals. 'They chose the youngest and freshest face to send out a warning, and that's just fuel for the fire.'

Provoked by the attack on the youngster, Brax and the River Boys head to the Surf Club for a dramatic showdown - which sees John get caught in the fray and knocked to the floor. 'John ends up worse than any of us,' Steve explains.

But it's not just John left fighting for his life. Brax's relationship with Charlie also takes a battering when Charlie is called to the scene and places the River Boys under arrest, her boyfriend included. '[Brax] feels like he's let himself down - and also Charlie, because she's making sacrifices all the time,' Steve explains. 'It's humiliating for Brax, because he makes a fool of himself and she's there to see it.'