Home and Away

Tessa's biggest plot dread

What was the one thing Tessa James told Home and Away bosses she didn't want to happen to her character Nicole Franklin?

Tessa James as Nicole Franklin in Home and Away

After Penn Graham was murdered, Nicole Franklin realised she was pregnant by her evil, manipulative boyfriend.

The Summer Bay student was horrified about the prospect of being a teenage single mum, but how did actress Tessa James feel about the storyline?

'The one thing I said upon joining the show was, "You can do anything with my character, just please don't make her pregnant,"' she tells Inside Soap magazine.

'I went in to see our producer later and he said, "Okay, I'm going to apologise in advance - we're making Nicole pregnant!"'

But Tessa has been won round now.

'Because it's the typical soap teenage pregnancy thing, I didn't want to go there,' she says. 'I thought Nicole should be different. But when they explained to me what would happen, I was really excited at the challenges ahead.'

Tessa is set to leave the show soon and has already filmed her final scenes, as she moves on to pursue a movie career in Hollywood.

But will Nicole give her baby up to Marilyn before she leaves Summer Bay?