Series 4 - Episode 3: 97 Seconds

Episode 3: 97 Seconds

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In the latest instalment of the medical drama, Dr Gregory House whittles the number of candidates for his assistant post down to ten, and splits them into two groups in a race to correctly diagnose his latest case.

The patient in question is wheelchair-bound, spinal muscular atrophy sufferer Thomas Stark, who mysteriously fainted whilst crossing the road with his assistance dog. House decides to only keep on the winning five candidates and, having split them by gender, female candidate Amber Volakis insists on defecting to the male team, a move which angers both House and the other candidates.

Only one manages to make the correct diagnosis, but House faces a dilemma when her treatment of Stark inadvertently leads to his death after he develops pneumonia.

Meanwhile, House stumbles upon a bizarre case when he spots a patient, Mark Almore, electrocuting himself in the hospital. After being revived, the man informs House that he was trying to replicate a near-death experience after a recent car accident had given him an exhilarating out-of-body rush as he flatlined. Insisting it was the best experience he’d ever had, Almore leaves House pondering if there could genuinely be an afterlife.

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