Series 4 - Episode 10: It's A Wonderful Lie

Episode 10: It's A Wonderful Lie

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Acerbic medical genius Dr Gregory House is at his meddlesome best in the latest instalment of hit US drama House, manipulating the staff ‘Secret Santa’ to try and pit his new recruits against each other. On the treatment table, however, honesty proves the best policy as House is confronted by Maggie, an ailing woman who he is convinced is withholding information from him, despite her daughter’s insistence that her mother never tells lies.

Refusing to believe that such a thing is possible, House probes further into Maggie’s supposed truthfulness, but finds, to his surprise, that she is excessively honest – so much so that Foreman (Omar Epps) suspects psychiatric problems must cause her lack of inhibitions. Still unconvinced by her illness, House prescribes a placebo, only for the plan to backfire when Maggie’s airways start to seal up. The team is short on ideas – until a chance discovery by Kutner prompts a revelation from House, and confirms what he suspected all along: despite ‘never telling lies’, Maggie is holding back the one piece of information which could save her life. Can the maverick doctor find a way to make her talk?

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