Series 4 - Episode 14: Living The Dream

Episode 14: Living The Dream

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House notices that Evan Greer, the star of his favourite soap opera Prescription: Passion, is displaying symptoms of a genuine illness on the show. Deciding on a somewhat unconventional course of action, House decides to kidnap Greer once he has left the TV studio, and succeeds in convincing the actor that he is suffering from a physical defect, as his peripheral vision seems to be impeded. Greer agrees to undergo a test, but when the results are inconclusive House wants to run an MRI scan to be sure. But when Greer refuses and wants to leave the hospital, House resorts to sedating him against his will in order to conduct the further tests.

Meanwhile, Cuddy is under severe stress when she gets an unannounced visit from a hospital inspector. With House in full swing, Cuddy puts Cameron and Foreman on ‘House-watch’ in an effort to keep the quirky physician in check.

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