Series 4 - Episode 5: Mirror Mirror

Episode 5: Mirror Mirror

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Dr Gregory House treats a patient with mysterious breathing difficulties. To make things tougher, the man has just been robbed of his I.D., and the hospital can't locate his past medical records. The recently recalled Foreman suggests giving him medication that would improve the chances of a diagnosis but when the man reveals symptoms identical to other patients, Foreman believes he is faking it.

However, House is intrigued when the mystery man reveals his name, which is the same as that of the paramedic who initially treated him, and wonders if the patient could be suffering from a rare form of amnesia known as Mirror Syndrome, in which the patient mimics those around him. To test this theory, he dupes the patient into thinking he's a doctor and he starts acting just like Wilson when House takes him into an operating room. Nevertheless, the patient's symptoms remain a mystery but when doctors find the man's car keys and successfully locate his car, the possessions inside provide a significant clue.

Elsewhere, Foreman and Chase bet on which of the remaining six candidates for House's assistant vacancy will be fired next.

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