Series 4 - Episode 13: No More Mr Nice Guy

Episode 13: No More Mr Nice Guy

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Nurse Jeff is brought into the ER after collapsing during an altercation with a delivery man. While Jeff is waiting to be attended to, House notices the man’s marked inability to get angry – about literally anything. Jeff appears to be the least argumentative person House has ever come across, and, suspecting that such outlandish behaviour cannot be a matter of choice, the doctor concludes that his patient’s nice guy persona must be the result of some sort of defect or illness.

Meanwhile, Wilson is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to his new relationship with Dr Amber Volakis, and how House chooses to deal with it. In a bid to save his friendship with House, Wilson even agrees to grant House and Amber ‘shared custody’ of himself, but is surprised at how they choose to interpret these new rules.

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