Series 4 - Episode 7: Ugly

Episode 7: Ugly

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Dr Gregory House is propelled to fame when he takes on the case of teenager Kenny Cyrus, who is set for major surgery to cure a severe facial deformity.

The procedure is being filmed by a documentary crew but their attention is diverted to House and his team when Kenny suffers a sudden heart attack. He is successfully revived but House must diagnose the reason behind Kenny’s episode before the surgery can go ahead. House and the six remaining candidates for his vacant assistant position investigate various potential causes, including a form of severe arthritis and intracranial pressure, but find themselves distracted by the documentary team, whose angle is shifting increasingly towards relationships between the staff.

House is particularly frustrated by Dr Samira Terzi, who has so far failed to live up to the potential he saw when recruiting her from the CIA hospital he recently visited. However, he is also immensely attracted to her, making him question whether his decision was based on her looks alone. Meanwhile, Kenny’s cardiac condition is correctly diagnosed, leaving him finally ready for surgery, but when a first cut of the documentary is subsequently aired, House is appalled by what he sees…

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