Series 4 - Episode 16: Wilson's Heart

Episode 16: Wilson's Heart

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In the second instalment of the two-part finale of series four, House and his colleagues race against time to find out who House saw displaying signs of a terminal disease while riding on a bus – just seconds before it crashed. With an emergency room full of injured passengers, the maverick medic and his team are at a loss as to who the mystery patient could be.

Having tried hypnosis and a variety of different drugs to stimulate his memory, House – who sustained a fractured skull and is suffering from severe amnesia – is on the brink of collapse when suddenly he has a revelation.

The person he saw on the bus was none other than his nemesis, Amber Volakis (Anne Dudek), Wilson’s (Robert Sean Leonard) significant other. After initial doubts, Wilson believes House and the two of them locate Amber in a nearby hospital. But she is in bad shape, and a condition not related to the accident is threatening her life. With no time to lose to save Amber, Wilson decides to have her moved to Plainsboro Hospital, where he instructs the team to use a controversial treatment on his girlfriend. Will his dangerous gamble pay off?

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