How Do They Do It?

  • Episode 3

    Robert explores how drinks cans are mass-produced; witnesses the construction of a new steam locomotive; and learns how golf clubs are made.

  • Episode 2

    Featuring an exploration of the Channel Tunnel's cooling systems; a lesson in escalator mechanics; and a visit to a car production plant that is staffed by robots.

  • Episode 1

    Science and engineering series. Robert Llewellyn discovers how high-speed catamarans are built to carry hundreds of passengers, before taking a ride in a stunt plane.

  • Episode 4

    Robert Llewellyn takes charge of a tugboat as he discovers how to manoeuvre a 50,000-ton ship through a narrow lock in Bristol.

  • Episode 10

    Robert learns how American fire engines are built and explores how air traffic control at Hong Kong International Airport handles more than 300,000 flights a year.

  • Episode 9

    Robert heads below ground to see how London's Heathrow airport sets about handling more than 100 million items of luggage every year.

  • Episode 8

    Robert discovers how fresh water is piped to London's taps and reveals how wind power is transformed into electricity at one of the world's largest wind farms.

  • Episode 7

    Robert finds out how steel is made; discovers how household rubbish is turned into compost; and learns the secrets of cheese.

  • Episode 6

    Robert discovers how Marmite is made and learns how naval architects have come up with an 'uncapsizable' lifeboat.

  • Episode 5

    Robert watches on as the Lancashire Fire Service trains its crews to tackle everything from blazing fuel tankers to search and rescue missions.