How To Build A Volcano

How To Build A Volcano

how to build a volcano

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In an ambitious quest for answers, a group of British, Canadian and American world-renowned volcanologists have decided to build a volcano of their very own. In a breathtaking experiment, the sheer scale of which has never before been attempted, they team up with a Hollywood crew to design and build a carefully scaled 100ft-wide volcano, several storeys high.

Before they begin, the scientists visit a number of global hotspots, such as Stromboli and Mt St Helens, examining each volcano’s history and compiling a variety of data. Then, having constructed a volcano of their very own, they use the model to test cutting-edge scientific theories and attempt to answer key unsolved questions, from the exact process that leads to eruptions to the role of magma in sculpting the internal plumbing of these exploding mountains.

With the aid of high-pressure gases and SFX explosives, they create a series of spectacular eruptions. Will their pooled knowledge enable them to re-create the volatile processes that drive eruptions and, crucially, control the variables of pressure, gas and magma? And will their cutting-edge theories hold up when tested?