Panasonic's Stunning Holiday Snap Challenge

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Master the art of capturing your holiday highlights with Panasonic's top tips for travel photography.

Comments (2)

  • jonistall

    over 2 years ago


    Why cannot we see complete episodes of the series? Five minutes is hardly enough from a half hour programme. A good show to watch in full(If only)! jonistall

  • Blanko

    over 2 years ago


    What a load of... Running through proprietary features that you might not have, relying on built in gimmicks? Useless. Should concentrate on composition, what to get in a photo to establish mood and more than anything, how to get a usable shot. Remember it's the photographer not the camera. This had nothing to do with how to take a stunning picture, as illustrated only too well by the quality of images given as examples. Was that really the best she got in a whole day? She's not fit for purpose.