Series 2 - Episode 10: Cool Hand Guerrero

human target, chance

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In a cheap Louisiana hotel, Guerrero is earning a few extra dollars creating a new passport for an old friend, Jerry, who is paying $5,000 for the papers, and plans to abscond to Costa Rica. However, later on, a local sheriff and his men get Guerrero to open the boot of his Cadillac, they find a gun and Jerry’s dead body. Guerrero is obviously the prime suspect, and he is banged up in the state penitentiary.

Chance arrives at the jail and is told by Guerrero that he has been set up. Before long, crooked guard Eddie gives Guerrero a new cell-mate, who is in league with the men who bumped off Jerry. They are interested in getting their hands on Jerry’s documents, which are currently residing in a briefcase in Guerrero’s locker back at HQ. Ilsa turns to master thief Ames to see if she can find out what the gang want. She manages to break into the locker to discover a substance which they take to be poison, some money and Jerry’s case.

Ames, with a bit of lateral thinking, cracks the code for the case’s combination and discovers a log for a drug distribution operation that appears to be operating out of the prison.

Guerrero is working on his own plan, and it very soon comes to fruition. With a bit of muscle and guile he manages to break out, but as soon as he is reunited with Chance, he is told that he needs to get back inside so that they can bust the distribution operation. Then Chance gets himself put away and ends up in a cell next to Guerrero.

Winston and Ames catch up with the truck listed in the distribution log and deduce that the guards in the prison are getting the inmates to produce crystal meth, which they then ship out in Christmas snow globes. Will Guerrero and Chance crack the case from the inside?

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