I Own Britain's Best Home

2009 - Episode 7

Episode 7

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Melissa visits Stephanie and Johnny’s New England-style house on the Suffolk coastline. Stephanie has transformed a 20-year-old modern chalet bungalow into a stunning clapboard house that would not look out of place in the Hamptons. “It looks like it’s been lifted off Cape Cod!” exclaims Melissa upon arrival. Inspired by the beautiful sea views, Stephanie spun the house around 180 degrees so the kitchen is at the rear, leading onto a beautiful, sun-drenched veranda. She also changed the layout upstairs so the master bedroom and living room look out onto the sea. A blue and white colour scheme and pebbled bathroom floors add to the nautical feel. “Stephanie and Johnny’s home has an incredibly serene atmosphere,” gushes Melissa. “It’s a unique take on the New England-style home.”

Elsewhere, Russell has a very different experience at Lottie and David’s Scandinavian-inspired family home in Kent. Unable to find a suitable house in the area for her growing brood, Lottie built the ultimate contemporary family dwelling. The three-storey house is open-plan, incorporating a vast family kitchen, four bathrooms, a study and a music room. Lottie has added splashes of colour to bring the space alive, such as the purple lining in the shelving units. With a dining table that converts into a pool table and partitions that pull out of the walls to minimise noise, Lottie really has thought of everything. “They’ve beautifully blended together the idea of aesthetics and functionality,” enthuses Russell.

Meanwhile, Michael is in Peckham, south London, visiting Ken and Julia’s converted milk depot. The couple spotted the building ten years ago, and saw the potential for a unique home that could double as a work space. The multi-purpose property combines three rented flats –which the couple used to finance the project – a huge open-plan living space, a studio, an office and a library. The couple even built three beach huts onto the roof of the old dairy as bedrooms. “They’ve created a unique live-work space that is flexible, ecological and affordable,” says Michael, impressed. Will seaside elegance, a funky family space or office living seize the day?

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