Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads

Series 2 - Episode 5: Death Race


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The rookies, Tim and Tino, are up to their axles in trouble trying to get to their pick-up point, but
some canny teamwork gets them back on the road. T 'n' T are hauling one of the first batches of this season’s coffee beans to market and Tim has to carry a sack on his shoulders.

Meanwhile, Hugh is carrying a drink of a different kind: he has a full load of his 'only weakness' - beer. He leaves a drop at the shrine at the bottom of the Death Road, to satisfy the gods of the road. His weighty wagon seems to have a mind of its own. But he makes it to his destination, Coroico, in good time without spilling a drop. On his way out of Coroico he passes the rookies and after a few choice words with each other they arrange a race down the Death Road to La Paz.

GW and Lisa are taking a load of cocoa leaves (and the farmers who grew them) from Chulumani down to La Paz. But there is still discord in the camp as Lisa refuses to hand over the reins to the Great White. Will he get his chance in the driver’s seat? Will the deteriorating weather hamper the Polar Bear's chances of catching T 'n' T? Or will the fog give Hugh a cloak under which to creep up on the boys?

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Comments (4)

  • pottydotty12

    over 1 year ago


    Hi, I missed this episode and I missed the repeat too. I like to watch series in order and would like to watch this episode before the episode that followed which I did record. Does anyone know how or when I will be able to watch this episode again? Thanks :-)

  • Ed

    over 1 year ago


    These drivers actually have it easy down the Death Road because its hardly used anymore, i mean when have they ever met other trucks. That nice bit of tarmac actually goes all the way from La Paz to Coroico

  • Sam

    over 1 year ago


    Love It!!!!!!!!!

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