Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads

Series 2 - Episode 13: Bull Run

Episode 13: Bull Run

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The hard-driving reality comes to the end of its South American adventure this week with the five truckers heading for a running of the bulls festival in the Andean mountain town of Chacas. On the way Hugh has to play with fire, GW gets into a couple of scrapes and Tim and Tino start pulling in opposite directions.

Tim and Tino are also hauling a load of bulls, but Tim seems more fluent at communicating with them and successfully coaxes them in the right direction. “For a first timer, I think I did unbelievable. I’ve talked a lot of bull over the years, but I’ve never lassoed a bull or loaded a bull on to a truck,” he says with the load all penned in.

However, the local farmers are stubble-burning and Hugh, unwisely, decides to plough on through and has his own ideas about what might happen if things go wrong. “We got 1,000 pounds of fireworks back there, so it’ll be a pretty good little fire show. We won’t make the festival, but we’ll have our own little festival right here.”

The real fireworks are going off elsewhere as Tim and Tino, after getting stuck on a tight curve, decide to say what they really think about each other. On the other truck, GW keeps his foot down after the lorry leans over and damages an old woman’s house. But this old lady turns out to be quite sprightly at calling the police!

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