Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads

Series 2 - Episode 11: King of the Road

Episode 11: King of the Road

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This week, GW and Lisa have to carry Mathilda and Betty down the Andes to the coast. These are two fibre glass dinosaurs created by artist Arturo that are going to be displayed as part of an exhibition for children. “These are Peruvian dinosaurs. In the mountains we found the fossils, so we made replicas of resin and fibreglass,” he explains.

“Well the challenge with this load is that these are so fragile, I don’t want their legs to break off. And they’re so high, their heads stick up about, what, five feet above the truck,” says Lisa as they prepare to get going. “GW’s going to drive on the way there. I promised him I’d let him drive, and give him a chance. GW hasn’t quite figured out where the edge of that truck is, yet, because if you haven’t noticed, the entire passenger side of the truck is beat up, from hitting all the rocks. He better check his mirrors, and start getting used to this truck, because we cannot afford to drop off a cliff.” she says before they tackle Dead Nun Canyon.

Tim and Tino are also on the dinosaur transporting detail, but Tim’s underwhelmed, “It looks like the Loch Ness monster to me. That’s not a dinosaur, that’s a dolphin. You guys got the wrong one. This thing looks like a big marlin. It looks like a swordfish. Where’s the sculptor?” he says. But the animal they are going to have real problems with is one of the fellow drivers who is going to be going the same way as them…

Hugh ‘The Polar Bear’ Roland has a similarly delicate load, consisting of ceramic vases and statues, but he has no intention of compromising his driving style. “Yeah, they probably couldn’t give it to a worse guy. I’m not going to drive any different than my normal drive. Chimbote, here we come with a load of broken ceramics. Hopefully, a few pieces left for sale,” he says.

Hugh has every intention of catching T ‘n’ T. “I’m going as fast as I can go. I was kind of taking it cool, but Tim and Tino, they haven’t beaten me, yet.” It is not long before T ’n’ T see a cloud of dust catching them rapidly from behind. “He’s driving like a maniac, you know? I’ve never driven like this before. I’m in sixth gear, I’m going as fast as you can,” says Tino. “Don’t let him, don’t let him pass you. You earned it. This is your dream shot. You’re driving like your life depends on it, and it kind of does!” says Tim.

Who loses their heads – the dinosaurs or the drivers? Does anyone make it down with their load intact? Can T ‘n’ T beat the Polar Bear?

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